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And, at the end of the day....
as the sun is setting.....
we all retire to the club house.....
for a good nites rest..........
Good night, Simba, Good night, Kubar, Good night, Annie, Good night, Angel, Good night, Monty, Good night, Duncan, Good night, Puppy, Good night, Cash, Good night John Boy.......
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                                               Happy Trails Home-Style Boarding

At Happy Trails, we offer cage-free dog boarding. Cage-free dog boarding allows your dog/s to socialize and play in a fully supervised setting. Every dog is assessed by temperament, age, and size then introduced into a pack accordingly. No dog is forced into a pack until he/she is ready. Our goal is for our Canine Campers to have a positive and successful boarding experience while staying at Happy Trails. To reserve your date please click on reservation button above. 
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Simply, click on the reservation button to the right, submit the reservation form, and I will e-mail back to you a confirmation.

                                                                      Play While They Wait Grooming

 We can't exactly offer "cage-free" grooming, but we can offer playtime and a social experience to my grooming visitors while they wait . As long as your dog is comfortable hanging out with the other dogs, then he/she is welcome to play and socialize while he/she waits to be pampered, or for mom to pick her up. My grooming clients are more relaxed and less stressed during the grooming process because grooming has become a positive experience. Happy Trails grooming isn't just a time for your dog to get "beautified", but it's a "play day" as well. 

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 We believe no dog should miss out on our Canine Countr Experience, so we have made available a shuttle service. Call for details. 
All aboard the camp bus!! 

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                                                                                                                         Boarding Rates

 Play Day Rate: $ 20 a day, no overnight. 
 Includes: Pack-Playtime & Good Manners Training. 
 Need to go into town or down the mountain for an appointment or errands, bring the pup in for a play day of socialization and fun.

Good Dog Rate: Call for Rates  
 Includes: Pack-Playtime, Good Manners Training & Snuggle-time. 

They come by plane......

​      Camp Happy Trails is where the fun begins!  

 We are here to provide the best possible care for you & your furry companion/s.
      We've been serving Los Angeles & Kern County pet parents since 2002. 

They come by train.....
They come by......
This is when my grandparent's owned La Canada feed store in 1946
Long Term Rate: $25 a day, 30 days & over
Molly & Axle heading back home to Bakersfield. 
All our visitors sleep indoors
Las Vegas
My parents, owners of La Canada Feed and Seed, La Canada, California