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Good night, Simba, Good night, Kubar, Good night, Annie, Good night, Angel, Good night, Monty, Good night, Duncan, Good night, Puppy, Good night, Cash, Good night John Boy.......
                                       Reserve your Boarding & Grooming dates with us online!
Simply, click on the reservation button to the right, submit the reservation form, and I will e-mail back to you a confirmation.

 We believe no dog should miss out on our Canine Country Experience, so we have made available a shuttle service. Call for details. 
All aboard the camp bus!! 

                                                                                                                         Boarding Rates

 Play Day Rate: $ 20 a day, no overnight. 
 Includes: Pack Playtime & Good Manners Training. 
 Need to go into town or down the mountain for an appointment or errands, bring the pup in for a play day of socialization and fun.

Good Dog Rate: $25 a day 
Includes: Pack Playtime, Good Manners Training & Snuggle-time. 

They come by plane......
They come by train.....
They come by......
Long Term Rate: $20 a day, 30 days & over
Molly & Axle heading back home to Bakersfield. 
Las Vegas