Happy Trails    
   Pet Boarding & Grooming     
Just A Few Of Our Many
Pet Grooming Services 
We Provide:
All Natural and Organic 
Products safe for your pet as 
well as the environment.
Flea and Tick Control
Clip Nails
Hygiene Clip
Check Ears, Paws, and Pads
Bathe, Brush, and Blow Dry
Anal Gland Expressed
Brush Teeth
Professional 'Breed Cut' to suit your needs 
CAH Certified

                   Happy Trails'
  'Play While They Wait' Grooming        
At Happy Trails we offer to our grooming visitors a "play while they wait experience". Why make our canine visitors sit in a cage while they wait their turn to be pampered. I can't exactly offer 'cage-free' grooming, but I can offer playtime and a social experience to my grooming visitors.  As long as your dog is comfortable hanging out with the other dogs, then he or she is welcome to play and socialize until it is his/her turn to be pampered. I feel that the dogs groomed at Happy Trails are more relaxed and less stressed from the grooming process because grooming has become a positive experience. Happy Trails grooming isn't just a time for your dog to get "beautified", but it's a 'play day' as well. 

Canine baths include: shampoo, blow dry, brush, anal glands expressed, 
ears cleaned, nails clipped & 
a hygiene clip (if needed)
              Oxyfresh Products
Please check out these Oxyfresh products for pets and their human caretakers. To place an order contact Cathy @ Happy Trails.

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