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Hey Gracie,
You look like you are making some friends....good for you!!!  So glad to see you are having fun....I hope you are eating!!!
Miss You!
Mom & Dad

Cathy..the pictures are wonderful!!!  Thank you so much!!!  Anne
Dear Cathy
Thank you so much for taking such good care of our Casey and thanks for these pictures.  That was a real surprise.  Since she got home, Casey has been so well behaved.  We will be using your day care service soon.
Gus & Maria

Thanks!  He is finally recovered from his camp experience--no worse for wear--he had a good time--so did we---thank you so much--it's good to know I have a place for him when we need to leave him for awhile--and his bath was an added plus--he still smells clean!
Have a great weekend!
dear dakota and kira,
i am glad to hear to are having fun!
love seeing the pictures of you both.
we are so happy you are making friends!
tell cathy we'll call her later....
hope you are both behaving yourself.
we love and  miss you so much!!!


I am responding to the email you sent. Thanks for the pictures of Sammy and Daisy. I loved your video with Sammy & Daisy in it. I miss Sammy, Dakota can't replace him, but you must move on.

Thanks for watching our animals again, you take great care of them!
from Victoria

A  Form Submission sent to us. July

25. Dog Gets along with others?  
  Heck no! I called you a few weeks ago and talked to you about her. She thinks she is the only dog in the world. She has been known to pick up smaller dogs and shake them, but has never broken skin. She is very sweet when she is not scared, but growels and nashes her teeth when she feels cornered. 

Same owner.
Form Submission sent to us, August.

25  Dog Gets along with other? 
 You did such a good job of socializing Molly that she now has a little wiimerriner brother puppy.  Both would like to come visit .

*The first weekend with us, we had Molly 
socializing with one of our dog's, D.J.

The next visit we had Molly socializing with all the boarding dogs. Molly has been an A+ camper.  
 Keep up the good citizenship, Molly!!.

By the way, thanks for taking care of the dogs and I LOVE their haircuts. They are definitely going back for their next one. It's not too short and not too long, plus they smell SO good. 
Thanks again for everything,


Thank you very much for thinking of Nemo and us. The article was very interesting. We have tried other medications, but he had even more seizures. I really don’t like to give him six a day and often skip some, but when the seizures increase I return to the regular dose. 

We want to thank you again for taking such good care of Nemo while we were gone. He loves it there. It was interesting to watch him when I picked him up. I think he wanted to stay!! He looks as good as he has ever looked. Your grooming is really special – we love to have him looking so good. 

Thanks again. See you soon.