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                        ABOUT US

Happy Trails Pet & Livestock Services is family owned and operated. I believe we are unique in the pet industry because of our “hands-on” experience of working with a variety of animals in a variety of different fields. 

I personally have been in the pet business all my life. My Grandparents, owned La Canada Feed & Seed, a feed store and nursery in La Canada, California. The store was later passed down to my parents. Growing up, I had and endless variety of pets. When I wasn't tending to my menagerie I would spend time at the feed store hand packing feed in brown paper bags or making deliveries of hay, feed & firewood with my father in his '69 Ford truck. 

The time came for me start my own family. As my children got older we discovered a 4-H group in the San Fernando Valley. My children & I became involved in 4-H. I then decided to go to school to become a professional pet groomer. During the day I went to grooming school and at night I was enrolled at Mt. San Antonio College, majoring in Pet Science. 

At Happy Trails, along with pet grooming, we have added the expertise of cage-free dog boarding and canine socialization training. While staying with us, your beloved companion will be cared for in our loving, secured, safe, 'pet-friendly' home environment. 

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 We believe no dog should miss out on our Country Living Experience, so we  have made available a shuttle service. 
Call for details. 
The Pack Experience

Cage-free dog boarding allows your dog/s to socialize and play all day in a fully supervised setting. Every dog is assessed by temperament, age, and size and introduced into a pack accordingly. No dog is forced into a pack until he/she is ready. If the dog needs a little time to adjust to his/her new surroundings, that's ok, that dog can have his or her space and just observe. We have a variety of ways of dividing the dogs into groups so that the dogs are in a pack that they feel secure in.  We have our own pack of well socialized dogs that we use to work with dogs that aren't ready to be introduced to a pack, just yet.

Our ultimate goal at Happy Trails is for our Canine Campers to have a positive and successful boarding experience while staying with us, and for you, the caretaker, to have peace of mind knowing that your furry companion is in good hands.  
                           Helpful Information

 Payment is due at time of drop-off.

We accept Cash, Check, Credit Card & PayPal for payment.

 Our prices are based on each day that the dog/s stay with us. We do not charge by the  night or the hour.

 We do need an up-dated vaccine record showing the dates that your dog was   vaccinated for:
 Rabies, Canine Booster, & Bordetella (Kennel Cough) from your veterinarian.

 We do not need you to bring your dog's bowls, bedding, etc. We can not          guarantee  a dog will not damage your dogs belongings, so therefore, we are     happy to  provide the bedding, bowls or anything else your dog might need while staying with us.

 We do need you to send with your dog, your dog's food, pre-measured, in individual bags, for each meal time feeding. Or, for your convenience, we can provide for your dog our house dog food for an additional charge.

 Your dog does not need an "assessment test" to stay at Happy Trails. There is not a situation we can't handle. A  dog with his/her owner may not be the same dog that will be staying with us at Happy Trails. At Happy Trails your dog is not protecting you or your property. At 'Camp Happy Trails,' your dog is on vacation  and is "Off-Duty."

There is a pet professional with the pets in our care, 24/7. 

All dogs are secured and sleep in doors at night.

In good weather, the pups play outdoors, if too wet or too cool, we play indoors.

 Our Address:
By appointment only:
6363 Lindberg Blvd.
California City, California  93505

E-mail: happytrails_2u@ymail.com