Happy Trails
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We carefully gathered the puppies and Mamma Dog and brought them back to Happy Trails.

Six of the puppies got a new homes.
Mamma Dog and two of her puppies live at Happy Trails waiting for a new home.

Mamma Dog and her puppies were one of the fortunate dogs that were rescued and given a loving home. Not all dogs are that lucky. Many abandon pets are killed by cars or in other ways. Animals that are domesticated don't know how to live in the wild or on the streets. If we decide to bring a pet into our lives then you need to make sure that they are properly taken care of. If we can not take proper care of that pet then it should be given to someone who can take care of it. There are Rescues that take unwanted pets. Unfortunately, they usually don't have space because they already have too many unwanted pets that need homes. The Animal Shelter is another choice and it is safer then the pet wondering on the streets or in a home that doesn't take of the pet.  Please be a responsible pet caretaker, the animals are counting on us.

We put our business
card on the box so if  somebody came back for Mamma Dog and her puppies they
would know where to find them. We never
got a call from the person who abandon the family.
Mamma Dog knew that she and her puppies                                would be safe now.

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Dandy & Gordo & Rontu celebrating their 1st Birthday at Happy Trails
We now use Mamma Dog as a "buddy" for dogs
that aren't ready to socialize with the boarding dogs.
The Pups Today